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Weekly Art Challenge: Play with Pink and Brown! (Feb 12, 2009)

Weekly Art Challenge: Play with Pink and Brown! (Feb 12, 2009)

I recently made up pink and brown goodie bags for a swap that I'm in. So, I had a little baggie filled with pink and brown papers, images and tid bits...all ready to go.

I would recommend that you give yourself a time limit of about 15 minutes or so to pull all of your pink and brown paper and bits. This challenge will be so much easier if you limit yourself to just a little pile of pink and brown goodies to play with on your art desk.

Once you've got all of your pink and brown stuff together, start ripping, cutting and playing. I had so much fun layering my pink and brown papers onto my grid. I just played and tried not to think too much. I found that I had to get quite creative since I only had a small amount of goodies to play with. But that's what I ended up loving about this art challenge. I find that I'm always more creative when I limit the supplies I can play with.

Once I had everything cut and torn out, I glued everything down with my trusty UHU gluestick and Tacky Glue. Then I added some more dots and details with more watercolor crayons and pens.

I really enjoyed this challenge and can't wait to do it again!