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Weekly Art Challenge: Make Valentines! (Jan. 14, 2009)

Weekly Art Challenge: Make Valentines! (Jan. 14, 2009)

I really enjoyed making these valentines for the special women in my life. I started by making the hearts out of watercolor paper. First I folded a 4" square piece of paper, drew half of a heart and then cut it out so that I got my template. Then I traced the heart onto watercolor papers and cut them out.

Next, I cut out and added my Winged Beauties and decorative papers to the hearts with a UHU glue stick.

Before applying the German Pink Border, I added a bit of Wild Plum alcohol ink to it to give it an aged look. Then I adhered it with Tacky Glue.

Then, using a black Micron pen, I wrote around the edges of the hearts: things that I love about these wonderful women in my life.

Finally, I added the beautiful painted background (which is my favorite color combination from my paint exercise that I mentioned at the first part of this challenge): red watercolor crayon - scribble it all around + Royal Orchid Twinkling H20 - dab it on top.

Fun! : )