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Weekly Art Challenge: Make Valentines! (Jan. 14, 2009)

Weekly Art Challenge: Make Valentines! (Jan. 14, 2009)

For this week, make valentines to express your love and appreciation for the special women in your life.

Before I started making my valentines, I did a little color play exercise. I dug out my Twinkling H20 watercolor paints because I never use them! Then I scribbled down blocks of watercolor crayons in different colors. In my page shown here, you can see the original Twinkling H20 paints on their own on the far left (colors are Royal Orchid, Key Lime and Teal Zircon). Then, next column is 2 shades of brown with the same Twinkling H20s brushed over them. Next column is shades of blue...then green...then red and orange...and then yellow....all with the Twinkling H20s brushed on top of them.

I loved the results of this exercise and will definitely be using my Twinkling H20s a whole lot more! My favorite combination ended up being red watercolor crayon with Royal Orchid Twinkling H20 on top...gorgeous!