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October 02, 2013



I love buttons, and I love rainbows! Please, dear cats, choose me!

Pamela McKenzie

Helga - YOU first of all look soooo pretty! Such a cute hairdo too- 50's style is that the newest trend...and oh my whatever do you do to stay so thin and lovely? You look just like a runway model! Oh yes, I'll bet your booth was busy one what with all the awesome ARTchix offerings, if I could have twitched my nose to end up in Victoria for the show, I would have been there in a jiff! Love all the photos!

Looking forward to the Halloween Swap and seeing all the ATC's up soon on the ARTChix facebook page! Pam :)

Theresa Grdina

You look BEAUTIFUL!!! You look just like a model! And all that vintage-y goodness.....YIPPEE~!!! Wish I had been there.

Helen Campbell

It looks like the Vintage Show was fun, and your vintage hair do was adorable! Thanks for sharing all the pictures... and buttons! They are one of my addictions. Cheers!


Ooooo, pretty buttons! My kitties would LOVE them! I tell them not to eat buttons as they are not good for their teeth, but they just can't help it!

Tammy Murdock

Here Bruno...kitty kitty kitty.... are you wearing your cat's eye glasses so you can see me and pick my comment?


As always yours projets are beautiful and inspirations. You look gorgeous in your "vintage" look.

Kay Herstedt

Button, button, who's got the button? I've. loved buttons since I was a kid! I buy buttons love with no particular purpose in mind.


i have been known to spend far too much money on buttons sometimes. And generally with no purpose in mind for them beyond owning the button. Usually they are red. I am so ridiculously excited to start making steam punk softies and dolls with my artchix steampunk artbits from the vintage fair/ Hurray for artbits!

Jo Murray

That 50s hair took me back quite a few years Helga...and buttons!...not enough great buttons around these days. Pretty, pretty.

Stacy T.

Well, Helga, aren't you the cat's meow? The vintage show looked like a great time. Would love to be a part of by adding those lovely, colorful buttons to my vintage button stash. A girl can never have too many pretty buttons...

Linda Isbell

Loved the pic of you and your wonderful goodies packets. Please come to the St Louis area some time!

Peg Englishman

HELGA you look AMAZING!!! Love the hair, the outfit, everything! I would of loved to go to the vintage show. How fun!!! And your set up looks fantastic :)

Kelly Aubert

Your show was just beautiful! I was full on envy, wishing it could have been there!! Buttons are an obsession for me!! I just love them! xo

Barbara DeLisle

Love your hair style, you look so beautiful. I wished I could have been there-It must have been so much fun'

Nancy Bemis

You look very retro. Wonderful goodies at the booth!

Kristin Townsend

First, you look lovely, love the outfit and hair:) I love how you have the buttons packed up, so cute and colorful! Would of course love to win as I love vintage buttons, they add something to every project!


Wow, I love those vintage hats. I have to get one for myself. Lately I have really been into everything vintage. From vintage glasses to vintage furniture for my house. It's funny how things really do come back into style.

Miss Iowa

That looks like a fabulous event. You and your booth are adorable. Wish I lived close enough to attend. I love old buttons, especially when they are still on the cards. Would love to win!

Lillian Child

Oh what fun you must have had! LOVE the vintage hairdos!! And would love to create with these amazing vintage buttons! WOW!

Christine Severson

You look beautiful with your vintage do and outfit! Great display you have set up.
Love the hats!


how cool that you styled your hair in an appropriate way - I immediately noticed that when I entered your blog!

Pam in New Jersey

The vintage look suits you well. Your husband must be saying "Va-Va-Va-Voom! Would love to win the colorful vintage buttons.

Mandy Bailey

Thank you for the opportunity! Those look like fabulous buttons.

jenni had me at buttons. i have such a weakness for buttons. it started early. my mother used to sit at her treadle machine, sewing for me more often than not, and i would play at her feet with the buttons in her button tin, sewing them together with a blunt needle and long thread to make necklaces and bracelets and a spinner game with thread and a large button. slipping my hand into that button box with my eyes closed is a sensory wonder. i asked for the button box to be mine, when she finally slips from this earth. and all those lovely buttons will be mine....a long someday from now. thank you for offering these amazing vintage buttons as your giveaway. i would be tickled pink to claim them.

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