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October 16, 2013


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Halle G

Such a pretty kitty. Happy Thanksgiving!...which I have to say, sounds weird right now to this American. :)


I bet all of your loved ones..... Including the cat are just as thankful that they have you! You seem such a beautiful person!! :-)

Peg Englishman

I'm so glad you had a good time Helga! we are thankful for YOU and Artchixstudio! And I must add, Inca has the cutest little paws :)

Paula Farrington

So beautiful - "Life is a gift, untie the ribbons." Thank YOU!!


Love the picture and the saying. I too gave thanks for many many things and my kitties enjoyed turkey dinner too, and the dogs of course.
I am thankful for you Helga, for all you do and for having my friend Jack working with you creating things, works of art! LOVE IT. Thankful for the sunshine today! Too much to list here.
Keep Calm and Create Art. Every day do something that you love! Life is too short not too. :)


I keep looking at the way you package your gifts!

April Dudko

Happy Thanksgiving! You are a blessed soul and you know what's important in life. Inca looks like she's giving her thanks too!

elizabeth duke

thankful for you too! miss helga!!

Nikki Smith

Ohh what a pretty package Inca is looking at! Happy Thanksgiving Helga. I'm so thankful too have ArtChix in my life :)

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  • Welcome to My ARTistic Life!
    I'm Helga from ARTchix Studio. I am a collage artist, collector and lover of all things creative. I'm taking the Summer off but I look forward to seeing you in the Autumn. xo