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August 07, 2013



Oh, that face, what a sourpuss!

Have fun sorting, and I hope you find new inspiration in those shelves, too.

Jo Murray

I suspect you and Inca will find all sorts of forgotten treasures. I love tidying up!....if only I did it more often.

Lisa M

Inca would look much more shocked if he could see what I have to clean up! Like you, I'm in the mood to organize, but my studio is such a disaster it's going to take more than a day. Or two. Or a week...or two! You're right; the fun part is finding treasures - hope you'll unearth a few goodies!

Gaye Miller

Love peering into your stash when it's in a mess- looks a lot like mine. Not so sure that peeking into your stash will be as much fun if it's neat and tidy. LOL But can't wait to see what treasures you come up with.

Nikki Smith

Good luck Inca and Helga. I need to do some organizing my self. I may need to go buy some pretty boxes to motivate myself lol.


Good luck with your organizing! I just got finished with an entire studio reorganization. It took me about a month, but I am disabled so can only work for shorter periods of time, especially bent over sorting pearls and beads!


Loving your painted stones and wish you would come and tidy my craftroom, I can hardly get in the door !!

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