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August 22, 2013


Victoria Sturdevant

Hilarious! Inca says, "I can see clearly, now."


haha... once more wonderful adornments and a funny way to upgrade simple pictures - love it! :)
best wishes, serafeena

Lisa M

I can't decide; is it more or less ironic that Inca is wearing cat-eye glasses? Do his real cat eyes negate the effect, or does he now see even better than before? (Is that possible?)

Oh, my head hurts. It's all too meta for me. I'm just going to look at the cute dressed-up peoples now. And not even get into the fact that cats already have mustaches, too.


I love the glasses! They look like so much fun to use, thank you for the giveaway!!

Kimberly at artJOYstuff

So fun! Thanks for a chance to win!

Theresa G.

This is fantastic!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the glasses...especially on the cat!!! This is just too much fun. Thanks for the chance.

Marilyn H

Inka is so cute with those glasses! I wouldn't be able to get my kitty to let me do that though.

Keeping my fingers crossed I'm the lucky winner.


This would be so much fun. I hope kitty picks me.

Sandy Alsfasser

These are way too much fun - it would be very hard to resist dressing up family members this way!

Toni Leli

What a great idea! My family photos will never look the same again. Thanks.


What a fantastic idea. I love the disquise pieces and ideas you produced. Too Funny! My imagination has been sparked once again by you!


Inca looks very studious!! What a cute way to brighten up old photos. I'd love to win.

Linda Isbell

Inca, Pick my name! I always love to see you. You look swell in glasses!


I have old family my brother found when doing genealogy on our family. Can't wait to copy and embellish. So cute..

linda kopecky

All the better to see you, my little pretty!!
inca you are so beautiful!!


You come up with the coolest items

Kristin Townsend

I love what you did with the wooden pieces and the pics, so very cute. Would love to win pretty kitty, pick me:)


Wow, what a fun idea! Could use for ATC or cards or more yet undetermined creative art projects.Awesome layered effects with the wood.


Oh no......these are so much fun. Gosh you are so creative. Say hello to Kitty and let her pick me as the lucky winner....LOL....thank you for offering this give-away....
Hugs from SPAIN


What a cute, creative idea. As Groucho Marx use to say, "Say the magic word, and the prize will be yours". He would have loved the glasses. LOL. Thanks for sharing such fun creativity.

Rhonda Miller

Hello Inca! My cat Beans is your biggest fan and she would love to have glasses like all of the cool cats. You would make her day if she were to win. Actually, it would make her month...okay, year. It would make her year. Sadly, Beans lives a very boring life. Poor Beans.

Oh and please tell Helga that we love her work!

Karen N

These disguises look like so much fun to use. I've been going through lots of my husband's family's old, old photos...and some of the men especially are crying out for glasses and mustaches!!

Leslie Hanson

What a fun giveaway!

Catherine Warner

How fun is this.....I have quite a collection of cabinet cards....I can just see thisone grumpy looking old man with glasses and a handle bar mustache...Maybe it would make him smile...

Lee W

OMG, that made me laugh!! I like how the organizing bins turned out. I bought several lots of photos, and I need to sort too! XX fingers crossed!

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