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June 26, 2013


Brenna Gerow

Hi Helga-great altered tags with old timey ads.That's a wonderful list of maybes for next week.You know I always root for boxes but I'd also love to something with a little bit of a Sea theme.A very talented friend showed me her awesome Seahorse stamp and I've been thinking bout the Ocean ever since.But darn it if I don't love birds too........


Hi Helga, your entire list sounds fabulous! Love boxes though if I had to choose one ;-) Have a great week!

ruby t

I would like to see Summer Visions....will it be vacation spots, gardens, sunny skies..?
Boxes are a welcome new topic.
Let's see what you come up with!


I'm with Lisette, love to see some boxes please! That said I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you share.

Elizabeth Duke

Love Inca, of course,... Cats, naturally, are always
a great theme but if I need to choose from
your list I would go with summer visions!
It's been real hot n humid here for the past week
"It's summertime summertime"!

Sandy Alsfasser

Summer visions would be my choice - I love summer!

Julie Case

Love thoses houses! I would have to pick boxes or summer visions. But that's only if 'more cats' isn't one of the choices :)


Boxes using your wood bits would be devine

Theresa G.

LOVE typewriters, too!!! Wish I had one......Your houses are adorable!!
I would love to see NESTS!!!!


BOXES for me!

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