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March 13, 2013



My first thought on looking at the greens and blues (my favorite color range) was - dragonflies!

The pinks, maybe hearts (very obvious) or berries.

Although feather shapes would be fun for all the colors... They're gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what shapes they turn into.


Great article! I love the organization! I would punch out leaves, owls, and birds. :-)


Very wonderful backgrounds ladies.My first thought with the colours was Spring and Easter.Here comes the warm weather(joy),but April showers do bring those May I think umbrella shapes would be tres cool.Who wouldn't wan't an umbrella that bright and beautiful on a rainy Spring day.C'mon pretty kitties,you know you agree =^..^=

Lisa M

My first instinct, as it is with EVERYTHING, is to say "cats!" But let me think outside the box. Hmmm. What about frames? They could be so pretty with decorative edges or curvy tops or what have you. I like banners, too. :)


For the greens, my ideas would be trees, especially palm trees. The pinks I think would be lovely spring Flowers, especially tulips.

Marilyn H

For the green, I'm thinking trees and leaves. For the pink, clouds and flowers.

Cim Allen

For some reason Hearts have been in almost all my pages .. so I would love some hearts :)

Cheryl Knopf

Little fairies with the green and hearts in pink.


What type of wood boards did you use for this project? Also,if this is not what you normally use for your wood cut outs, what do you normally use? Thanks!

Account Deleted

You have received some great ideas already, but I would love to see spring leaves in the green and hearts and/or flowers from the pink background. For the blue I see fish, or birds! Love Tammy's organization and what she creates! Thank you, Helga : )

Peggy B

Well I was going to suggest green trees, but others have already, about green dunce caps that people can decorate.....or real small bushes of different shpaes.
As for the pink...I thought a bow would be nice to put atop of things...with narrow tails if posible...or both...some with tails and some not! And perhaps small flowers to put on top of the small green bushes.

Paula Farrington

LOVE the peek into Tammy's cool studio. Wonderful! Love the colors and I concur with several of the commenters ... flowers, hearts, dragonflies, leaves ... and I'll chime in with the thought of some fun shoes or flip flops! :-)

elizabeth duke

well in honor of your adorable felines i think there should be green and pink fish shapes (think Goldfish cracker type shapes!).

Linda k

what a colorful fun and inspiring post!! Wish I could be that organized :)LOVE your pink and green boards!!!I have that plastic canvas/stencil too and love using it with paint. I'd love to see hearts(one could never have enough), stars, and even silhouettes-perhaps with a goddess figure or someone reaching to the sky-it's the limit they say :):)

Chandra M.

Beautiful pieces! Colors are Exquisite! How about teapots and teacups shapes?

Pauline Q

Love the colors! I would like to see some houses and some pink hearts....Home is where the ART is!

Chris Keys

What gorgeously arty boards - beautiful colours. I love both the bright green and the pink... and the idea of bright green dragonflies, too. What about pink birds or kitties? Chris x


I wish for hearts and houses or even better "Gothic Arches".

Kim miles

Limes. Tropical Fruits palm trees Florida flamingo birds stawberries and raspberries

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