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February 13, 2013


Carmen Beatriz Norris

Really cute idea.

Mary Wilkins

Oh wow Helga! You really do come up with the neatest ideas. I love the hearts and I am sure it took you some time to make the dots come together, so to speak.

Oh, and blue next week! My favorite color! Have a very Happy Valentine's Day.

P.S. I got one of your fabulous tags in the Valentine Day tag swap and I treasure it!

Pam McKenzie

Beautiful Valentine's Helga! That Inca baby is too! Happy Valentines Day to you and James. Look forward to next weeks "blue" surprise too!


There´ll be some very happy recipients of your Valentines, I´m sure! Can´t wait to see next week´s post, love the preview ...

Account Deleted

wonderful inspiration, helga! thank you XO


Happy Valentine's Day Helga!


Beautiful cards, what a lovely idea to send them to the special people in your life.


Lisa M

Awesome little cards! The perfect treasure to keep forever, tucked into your journal.

Can't wait to see the blue! I hope Bruno will be making an appearance with his beautiful britc---er, his beautiful blue eyes. ;)


Hi Helga...I hope you and yours have a very happy Valentine's Day. I love the stamp you created with the fun foam. I want to give it a try. Love the look you achieved. So many possibilities for that one!

Thanks for always sharing your ideas, inspirations and heart with your readers. Enjoy your day and keep on crafting!

Paula Farrington

Oh, wow -- I totally LOVE these! Soooo inspiring ... thank you!!!

heather glenn

what lovely valentines and done so economically! thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas. i plan to use this one next year to thank the donors of our non-profit. am thinking we might be able to collaborate with a neighboring school with developmentally challenged students to help make the cards. ez, breezy and full of love! hope the love you give out is returned to you today, helga!

Jo Murray

Lovely hearts Helga...and wonderful you include friends and family on Valentine's Day...and us of course.


Thanks for the great idea Helga! Can't wait for next week's blue

Jane T

I believe I may have posted in the wrong place. My favorite new thing this week are the blue elephants.

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