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February 06, 2013


Mary Wilkins

How cute of Bruno to look like the Chinese lucky cat! And a Gong Hay Fat Cho to you all up in Canada!

I too love the fortunes in the cookies, but never knew that you had to eat the cookie first before reading the fortune. Maybe that is why nothing happenes with my fortunes? I try to use them occasionally in my art work and will be downloading the ones from the freebie in just a bit.

Pam McKenzie

OMG, that Bruno is the cutest kitty in all of Canada! I love him to pieces....nope did not know that about having to eat the whole fortune cookie first Helga! I love making & using the fortunes too and your lovely fortunes sheets and lucky sheets.

We are going to the Bellagio (Las Vegas) this weekend to see & photograph the Chinese New Year Garden and the huge snake made of flowers, etc. will post on FBk I am a SNAKE heh heh heh....hope it's going to be a good year for everyone. Last, but not least Helga have you ever tried Emily's chocolate covered fortune cookies??? Nope, not on WW points program, but one day you must try one!


Did you know that fortune cookies are not from China? China didn't have fortune cookies until the 1990's.
Bruno does a very respectable Gong Hay Fat Cho.
Chris =]

April Dudko

That picture of Bruno is priceless! How long did you have to wait to get just the right pose?! Gong Hay Fat Cho to you and all your loved ones!

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