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February 21, 2013


Cathy Hudson

I love the Beautiful Brilliant Blue Limited Edition Collection you put together! I just had to buy it for myself!!


Love your blue collection! My favorite pieces are the hot air balloon and that elephant! I've been using a lot of turquoise, aqua and lime green. This would fit right in!

Jen Crossley

wow totally awesome LOVE the blue

Pam McKenzie

Oh Helga, you spoil us sooooo much with your lovely merchandise! And that Bruno so cute you know my kitty's name is Mr Blue (also named for his blue eyes)! So hard for me to pick just one fabulous NEW item, and I just placed my order and you know how much I love anything astrology (wheel) and cosmic related....I mean collage up and of course, sooooo much fun to make anything astrology with moons, and stars! Tied for my what new in your blue today is the True Romance novels...I guess I am a romantic at heart. Awesome Helga, love them all really, but those two were my faves today. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work, and I can see how much your heart goes into your craft (and oh, I would not want to forget to say the same for all the Artchix elves). Soooooo when are we going to have a new Artchix ATC contest with using all the NEW blues? It has been way too long since we have done that! Pam

samara navi

ooolala! hey, now under "shop by color" you will have to add blue! I love the blue. I also love every single thing that is made especially by you! I am saving my money and going to place an order. The chips are gorgeous...but it is this blue that is taking me in!!!!! Lovies, Samara


my favourite are the blue stars, followed by the hot air balloons and the elephants - love that blue, Helga!


Helga, It's a pretty tall order to pick a favorite from all the cool stuff in What's New. Blue is absolutely my favorite color. It's almost guaranteed that any project I make will have at least some blue in it. All the blue bits and bobs are soooo appealing! The Bird Stamps are my fave but wait... the Astrology Wheel inspires me! Hold the phone! Did you see those leopard skinned cats! Uh Oh... I can already see those Handmade Flags in a project... and, how could you go wrong with the Blue Collection? *sigh* I guess I like it all! :-D

Mary Wilkins

Oh, the blue leopard cat first, then the hot air balloon. Maybe the kitties will choose me as my birthday is Sunday. I love, love blue.


I love elephants so those are first. And the blue leopard cat is genius. I can't wait for the swap! I love ArtChix swaps :-)

Nikki Smith

Helga, I'm in the with the hot air balloons! I so can't wait to get the blue collection box!

Theresa G.

I really love the blue box!!! So many cute embellishments!! But if I only had to pick one....I really love the mini wood cards! SO CUTE!
What's not to love??


Oh I love the elephants, then I saw the balloons and I love those, and then I saw the astrology wheels and I love that! What can I say - I love many of these .... Another wonderful collection.


Hi Helga, just ordered almost all of the "blues" ... as blue is my favourite colour! At last, I have again the chance to order abroad ... told you all about in my order ;-)!! Give your pussycats a big hug from me! See you on facebook!

Angela  Campbell

I love the blue hot air balloons and would love to participate in your ATC'S swap- I was active in a group for some time and would love to get back into it - using your lovely products!

Erin Partridge

choose just one?! hehe! I love the roulette wheels....I'm imagining them in so many different spots...I'm working on some mixed media dolls right now and they'd be great as halos!

Lisa M

I am over the moon over those moons! The cats are pretty awesome, too, but then that's a given with any cat items. :)

Bruno looks FABulous, as always.

I'm excited there's a new Artchix swap on the horizon!

Sherita Blasen

The hot air balloons...the collage sheets...the wheels...moons...hearts.. gears...GAH!! I LOVE IT ALL!!

Ginger Benedict

Opened your email this morning and all I can say is "wow"! I'm normally not a blue person, but you've really nailed it with all the blues. It doesn't hurt that you also have a knack of putting all the right elements together. I think my favorite are the elephants and hot air balloons. All I can say is wowza!


I love the blue collection and your cat, beautiful! I hope your cat picks me!

Diana Kelly

Dear Helga, You never cease to inspire me. Your blue collection in beautiful! I couldn't pick my favorite. I do love the blue lucky elephant though.

Sandy Alsfasser

I absolutely love the blue postage stamps - can't wait to play in the swap!

Dana Tatar

Wow! It's too hard to pick a favorite from your selection of new goodies, so it's a tie between the entire tin of fabulous blue chippies and the wooden heart frame inchies. ;) You have some super cool pieces that I have not seen anywhere else and I really love your handmade animal print cats!

Sandi McLean

Blue is my lifelong favourite colour, how impossible to pick just one favourite item!! It is a toss up between the elephants and the leopard kitty ...and well the blue collection and the flags, and the postage stamps and ..well see LOL

April Dudko

OS hard to choose which is my favorite, but I think the hot air balloons top the list! You made up such a nice collection of things, love the watercolor paper! Oh, and Bruno is as adorable as ever!


I love the blue collection you've put together...the blues are so vibrant. I also love the red matchbox labels. So pretty!

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