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June 30, 2011



I love what you've done wit sea horses. How about ravens?

Cynthia Schelzig

THese earrings are way mega groovy coooool and I had to laugh at the precious Bruno sitting there with a look on his,,,,ok, it´s fish but so what am I suppossssed to do with it,,,,it´s FAKE,,,I can´t eat it!!!


lovely stuff. I am really in to anything steampunky and captain Nemo right now so a giant octopus would be great or any exotic vintage style fish. ( but I actually like Kerstens idea of ravens)

Rachel Fox

I love the new animals you have featured! I would love to see fox themed items at Artchix, because I have been in love with fox decorations since marying a Fox.


Neat earrings. And the look on Bruno's face... :)

What animal? My sis would say frogs, but I say dragons. The only thing that trumphs dragons is a cat and you've already done that.

Wouldn't mind ravens either, as Kersten suggested.


Mine would be jelly fish...I have been pondering an idea about making a life size paper mache jelly fish. I think they are so beautiful...very ethereal.

francine vorbeck

How about horses? Would love to make something with a horse theme!

Sue Cohen

Mythical fantasy animals like unicorns and griffins.

Lisa Robinson

I would suggest dogs, maybe some caterpillars or ladybugs! I love lady bugs and you could have so much fun with them!

Elaine Paullus

I would love to see soem crabs or jellyfish. I use a lot of Ocean Creatures!

Sue young

Dragonflies!!!!!!!or,mans best friend,dogs! Please!!!
Thanks as always for all your inspiration Helga!

Deb Prewitt

I like the dragonflies idea.


Beautiful artwork and thanks for the tutorials. I would like to see some monkeys artwork featured on your site. I also like to fox idea. Whatever you decide it will be great - you never disappoint.

Linda Uno

Wow, I would say hummingbirds, but there are too many great ideas already posted. So, I guess you will have to keep the animal theme going...and going...and going!

Jan Vargas

I have quite a few really, dragonflies, gargoyles, tigers, lions, puppies, mice, kangaroos, anything tropical rain forest and peacocks. I love your stuff and just made a pocket journal last night using some of your collage sheets. It turned out fantastic!!


As they are my favourites (and Halloween is approaching ;-)), more crows and ravens would be fantastic! Can´t get enough of them!

Kathy Robb

I love tigers and lions. Love the waffle window over the inchie earrings. Lovely! Keep it up.

Sandy McKenzie

How about a flamingo? They are so much fun to dress up!.


I would go with seaturtles. It's turtle nesting season here in NC, so we're all waiting for turtles!


I vote for fox! Loving the jewelry ideas! So cute :)

Andrea Pearson

How about dragonflies?


Your sea horses are gorgeous. I would love to see some owls , but I also love the dragonfly idea and the frogs <3

Kim Mitchell

I saw a beutiful sea otter sculpture the other day made out of fimo clay. The playful way the swim on their backs and rest goodies on their belly would make them a cute subject.

Peg Englishman

Helga..........AMAZING ITEMS!!! For some reason, I've been fascinated lately with anything to do with the carnival or circus. I would love to see giraffes!

And I've got to check out that movie, water for looks great!


I'm with Jan. Peacocks.

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