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October 21, 2009


Pamela McKenzie

Ohhh! How cute! That's a great idea....attach a treat, sure way to pick some winners!

Congratulations to Cat, Glenda and Carol!


Cat Dodt-Ellis


Thank you Helga...and Momo, BTW, your treats are in the mail (don't meow on me, now!!!).

I am so thrilled, it's truly my lucky day!!!

And I can't wait to start the next challenge, it looks like fun!!!



Bruno I love you, without even having had a kittie cuddle............more treats for you please.
Thank you Helga, the next challenge looks fun too.
Congratulations to Cat and Carol also.

Gena Boone-Curtis

funny! My daughter and I cracked up at the pics of your cats picking the winners!


Oh, TOO FUNNY! And love that CAT was one of the winners (I love Cat d-e) along with Carol. Great way to pick a 'winner'.

LOVE the new wouldn't believe the magazines I have in my house! Off to cut out things! Thanks for these wonderful 'outsidethebox' ideas!


I have posted my new challenge to the YAHOO GROUP page. What FUN! I used a Colorado tourism book and depicted those things I love to do here. WHEEEEE...this was a joy to put together!

Peggy B

I too have posted my Challenge #2. Altho it certainly isn't as good as Bonnie's!!! Oh well.
I posted it in the group's folder and also on Flickr...


Oh those kitties are just the sweetest!!!
Thanks for another fabulous inspiration Helga!! Added mine to the Yahoo group album. It's been too long since I've done a journal page-I used to use magazines for prompts quite alot-you got me goin again!!

Joy Meadows

My new challenge entry has been posted in the group photo album, too. Fun!

Wendy Mann

I just posted my Challenge #2 in the group photo album. This was way too fun!!

Carol Stocker

Helga, thanks for the fun will find my challenge photo here with a link back to your blog.

Sabine Busch

I have finished my collage


Thanks for a FUN afternoon! HereĀ“s my collage:

Cindy McMath

Helga, you've given us another fun challenge - I had fun playing with this one!

Cindy :)


Here is mine:


peggy gatto

I thought I posted my link but I don't see it! Oh well, it is on my blog!
thanks for looking! I did post it on artchixstudio group in the challenge photo album!

Connie Kennedy

I have posted wkly challenge #2 to the yahoo group. I used a fashion mag and an orchestra schedule...can't wait to tackle next week challenge:) Love the idea of your kitties selecting winners !

peggy gatto
Sorry for the double post!
I just added the right link!


Here is my take on 2nd challenge.

Its great to see all the wonderful collages by everyone :)

Christa Bockelmann

Here you can find my collage



Here is my second challenge. I tried to put it on the yahoo group but it will not upload. So go to


Cat Dodt-Ellis

Just posted my challenge #2 pic in the folder on the ArtChix group site!!!
I'm loving these challenges!!!


Dear Helga, here is my answer to your challenge:

: ))) lenna

Gena Boone-Curtis

Hi Helga....just posted my circle pic part 2 on my blog and on the yahoo site.

jade adams

Had to send in my was late {boo hoo} but wanted to post it anyways...thanks for the great challenges!!

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